Throughout her career, Sarina has excelled in utilizing her energy and entrepreneurial spirit in small business start-ups, as well as in helping people grow and develop their skills and talents.  Sarina’s life and work experience spans two continents.

After earning a degree in Psychology from VA Tech, she relocated to Austria, where she quickly learned to communicate in German and understand the culture and mindset.
 During her 16 years in Austria, Sarina worked in human resources development, training and marketing with international corporations, including Manpower and Marriott. Sarina was responsible for launching the Salzburg branch office of Manpower, and later added placement services in a society in which outsourcing of staffing needs was not yet commonplace.  Additionally, she was part of a team of trained out-placement consultants helping employees transition to new jobs or careers.   

While at Marriott, Sarina developed and implemented various programs aimed at honing skill sets required for both career and personal growth. In her capacity as a trainer, Sarina worked with people representing more than 25 nations to create a cohesive team that would consistently provide outstanding service in the hospitality and conference industry.  

Sarina moved back to the States in order to live closer to her family, and (with her sister) to face the challenge of starting up Abrakadoodle, a business focused on children’s learning through art.  Sarina looks back fondly on these years, glad she got to experience first-hand the joys of starting and successfully running a business. Although struggles seemingly soften in memory, she certainly does remember that life can be very demanding at times, and it is easy to feel off-course.

Take 2 Coaching was established out of this recognition of the need for support for business owners and others struggling to achieve a balance in life, to find the confidence to make career and life changes, and to realize their full potential. As a life coach, Sarina’s goal is to help more people achieve their dreams, overcome obstacles, and lead more rewarding lives.

Since May 2015, Sarina has been studying towards a Masters Degree in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. She now resides in sunny Florida and commutes from her home in West Palm Beach to school in Fort Lauderdale three times per week. On other days, she can be found coaching clients, walking on the beach, studying A Course in Miracles, playing Bananagrams, dreaming of her future as a “one-stop healing shop,” doing TaiChi, or just chatting with a friend and enjoying a glass of red wine.