How do we know if we can trust something?

For new medications and therapies, scientists use the method of double blind studies. As far as I understand it, this means that neither the experimenters, nor the subjects are aware that they are part of the randomly assigned group(s) that are given a placebo. This method ensures that the factor being studied is the cause of any change, and not just a placebo effect.

But, wait. What then is a placebo effect?!? A placebo effect is an improvement in a condition that is being studied. This improvement takes place not with the administration of a drug. The change is caused by will, that is, by the belief that the pill, or whatever treatment form, taken, will bring about a change.

A placebo effect is, therefore, thoughts helping the body heal.

The placebo effect is not strived for. However, if the thought alone that a treatment will lead to healing or improvement, how can we harness these thoughts?

I am not suggesting that we can do away with medicine and I do recognize the fact that there are many healthcare professionals, who tap into the power of a patient to help heal herself, perhaps just not enough…yet.

Let’s all try to tap into our own healing powers. 

How can we increase the belief in our own healing powers?
How can we increase the amount of self-healing done, even if in combination with other methods?

Maybe we can all do a little experiment.
Spend one or two or three or seven days jotting down the situations and any thoughts we have that are negative as well as those that are positive in regard to our own ability to help and heal ourselves.

I will do this and report back. Hopefully this will lead to some insight into what brings out my positive energy, so that I can become more aware of what I need to adjust to increase those factors.

Let me know what your results are.