Yes, the sun will come up tomorrow. But will I still love myself, if I keep putting things off until “tomorrow”? Are you like me and push tasks off until the deadline is staring you in the face? Or have you been starting your new exercise routine “tomorrow” for months? Then you might also describe yourself as a procrastinator, or a person, who needs a deadline to get motivated, or perhaps even (in secret) as a person, who just can’t do [fill in the subject or task] or who wants to lose weight and can’t, but I’ll change that… tomorrow. Each of us has her/his own reason for not taking action; very often a belief about oneself is holding us back. We are often unaware of this underlying belief – that is how it continues to do its damage and have power over us. It is possible to loosen its grip and move forward to a better self, leaving that nagging belief in the dust. (For some of us, it might be necessary to seek out counseling, but most of us are capable of moving forward now!) Warning: this might not be easy; there is no instant fix. This is change, and change takes time; it is a process. And, yes, you can do it. How important is it to you:

  • To feel good about yourself?
  • To maintain a good work-life balance?
  • To feel fit and energized?

Try it on for size. Sit back, close your eyes, picture yourself having these things. How does that feel? What does it look like? So, what are you wiling to do to achieve this? Are you willing to let go of the belief that you are unworthy of success or love? Yes, this belief may be at the root of your procrastination. Unconsciously, you push off doing things in order to keep a steady stream of “proof” that you are unworthy, thus maintaining the belief. That is self-sabotage at its best. How can you break the cycle? First, be aware of the belief. Look yourself deep in the eye in a mirror, and say to yourself, “I love and accept myself.” What comes up? Do all the “reasons” you are not lovable arise? Do you spout off a list of “…yes, but…?” If so, this belief is limiting your sustainable progress toward your goals. Then, tap back into the feeling of what it is like having achieved your goals. Feels good, right? Do you want that feeling or what you have now? Make the decision. If you are willing to change, let go of the limiting belief, and begin replacing it with a new one that serves you better. No, it is not likely a one-and-done. Yes, you can change your belief. It is, after all, a strengthened thought. It grew over time. You can do the same thing with a new, healthier belief. Be gentle with yourself, it is a process–one that gets easier with practice. True to the old adage: One must first love oneself… and then the sky is the limit!