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Long before we have even roasted the turkey, we are pushed to go shopping for Holiday gift-giving. I am feeling old and stodgy when I say that (in my day…) we used to celebrate one holiday at a time. But I am not so jaded… (And I am not THAT old!)

At the same time that we are distracted from enjoying the holidays by believing we already need to be preparing the “stuff” for the next one, it is heartening to see a new wave of mindfulness.

On Thanksgiving,  my sister-in-law’s young grandson showed us the yoga pose he had learned in school. A client, who is a teacher, informed me that they teach  meditation techniques in the Head Start program where she works. I see hope.

What do you really want out of the Holiday Season? What is the meaning for you? Are you diminishing the value of the season for yourself in getting distracted by all the To-Dos?

Just as I once read in tips for meditation: 15 minutes per day is great, unless you are very busy, then 30 minutes per day is suggested.

My advice: Slow down. Take time to recharge–sharpen the saw, as Stephen Covey called it. Meditate for 5 minutes before getting out of the car after parking. Stop and take 6 conscious breaths. Pause and notice the sunrise.

The renewed energy and clarity of mind will make up for the time spent. And, who knows, you might just enjoy the Holidays more!

There are definitely times when I just let myself operate on autopilot–arriving by car at my destination and having no recollection of the trip, for example. This is okay sometimes–just the other day, I had an insight into an Acupuncture question while driving on autopilot. But, in general, I don’t feel enlightened by the experience, often I am just tired, feel my senses are dulled, and feel disconnected.

I invite you to try tuning in.

Start your day by consciously perceiving your environment. Imagine you are from a different planet, sensing your surroundings for the first time. Take a different route to work or the store. Park in a different spot. Make one little change in your perspective and notice what you experience. Do you notice something–either internally or externally–that you haven’t noticed before?

Let me know your results!


This is Sarina coming at you with BlinknFlow.

Why this blog?  What does BlinknFlow mean?

This blog is taking its first baby steps, well, actually just getting its first peek of the wide world out there, and working towards taking those first steps.  BlinknFlow is the birth of a coach.  You will be able to follow the stages of learning, the processing of information, and development of ideas and concepts as I move toward this goal.  So, please join me on this transformational, inspirational, and informational journey.  I welcome travel companions with their ideas and feedback – these are the necessary forces that interact to keep the project in motion, akin to the physical forces that accelerate and keep a planet or comet in orbit and on its path.  This path may seem circular, but it does not necessarily remain the same.  Perhaps it is more of a spiral, building on a foundation, continually exploring new territory, expanding, incorporating new information into the established.

BlinknFlow refers to two concepts that are central to me and my philosophy: intuition and harmony.  But let’s take a step back, and begin with coaching, since that is what it’s all about.  Coaching to me is about helping a person better herself and/or her life situation, to help her move forward towards a self-defined goal.  A coach helps the person help himself, helps him get more in touch with his own strengths and values in order to create and act on an action plan or make the best decision in that situation.  When this is achieved, it creates the desired harmony in life, or at least in that situation.  When, consequently, it is possible to reach this harmony with less and less conscious effort or focus on the details, it can lead to a feeling of Flow.   Flow is a feeling of being in sync, when everything seems effortless, automatic, smooth.

A part of achieving Flow is trusting one’s instincts or – I would argue – intuition.  Our intuition is that well of knowledge we have within.   In my mind’s eye I can see this well, its cylindrical form drawn by that spiral of learning I mentioned above.  As the spiral rises, the well deepens.  The knowledge base grows and the connections between the pieces of information strengthen and become a network of interconnected ideas, or concepts, working values, and a philosophy.  This is our intuition, through which we can filter pieces of information, to very rapidly – in the blink of an eye – make decisions.  In our language, we often refer to making decisions based on a gut feeling, without even having to think.  Our senses take in the information, filter it through our intuition, and seemingly instantly we have made a decision.  When examined more closely, taking time to sort out the information that was taken in through our senses, we see in retrospect the pieces of the puzzle that correspond to our knowledge base.  But this knowledge is so compact and interconnected, we don’t have to go through each piece one at a time, the conclusion is seemingly automated.  This is the end result of much of our learning.  To represent the use of and trust in our own intuition, I have made use of the term “Blink”, the title of Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking.

This is my view of and my wish for coaching.  For me, I am starting out learning the baby steps of what goes into being an excellent coach.  For my future clients, please take the chance of working with me to get through a problem, an issue, a stage in life, or a difficult situation at work.  My goal is to reach the BlinknFlow stage by learning and increasing my knowledge base, becoming an excellent coach, so as to help others do the same.  The end result for both of us: to more and more often be able to use and trust our intuition, and more often achieve the desired harmony in life.

Thank you for reading, please give me your feedback and ideas.  I wish you all many BlinknFlow moments.